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Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is a wonderful thing. Who doesn’t like the golden honey color? When you have it in your diet, it serves as a healthy addition to your food choices, but did you know there are also several Honey Benefits? This article will explore the health benefits of natural honey and whether or not it should be your primary source of nutrition.

A Great Source of Nutrition | Honey

Honey is a great source of nutrition and contains more than 60 minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin E. Best benefit of Natural honey is also full of anti-oxidant which fuel the body and are essential to the human body functioning well.

Make sure to ALWAYS Natural Honey, which is raw honey that hasn’t been heated for long to attain the best health and nutritional values. Just because it’s naturally sweetened, doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial, especially when it comes to sweetening your desserts, ice cream toppings, pies, and fruit drinks.

Honey provides the body with more than enough nutrients for a person to maintain good health. It has been proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces heartburn, reduces stress, and increases your energy levels.

Honey has been known to effectively treat acid reflux and heartburn, and reduce or eliminate your need for antacids and other medications. The vitamins and minerals in honey are very important for the body and are much better for your health than any type of sugar-putrefying produce or sugary cereal.

Honey Benefits And Wounds

Famous Benefits of Honey also use to help heal wounds and fight off infection. Pure Honey has the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin and repair small cuts and sores. When you use raw honey to soothe and heal the skin, you are reducing inflammation and allowing new cells to quickly form and heal the area around the wound. Raw honey has antibacterial properties that reduce the buildup of bacteria, yeast, and fungi in wounds. Antibacterial soaps or over-the-counter antacids only work after you’ve damaged the tissue and embedded the bacteria and fungi in deeper.

Naturally Occurring Antibacterial

Honey also contains a naturally occurring antibacterial agent called “Honeycomb” that stops the growth of all kinds of bacteria. When you cook honey and dehydrate it, part of the honey breaks down and forms antibacterial bubbles.

These bubbles stop the bacteria from growing, and the moisture content slows their growth even further. Studies show that the highest quality raw honey contains a very high level of antibacterial activity.

The benefits of Honey may help reduce free radical damage. It can lead to premature aging of the skin and heart disease. Honey contains antioxidants, including the more common anthocyanins (a natural sunscreen) and flavonoids. Antioxidants may help prevent cell damage and help fight off infection.

Honey Benefits and Natural Protein

Honey is a very good source of natural proteins and other nutrients. Like other natural Honey sources, raw honey is rich in vitamins A, B, and E. In addition to these vitamins and nutrients, honey contains other nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Honey is an effective source of dietary fiber (including carbohydrates and protein). It can help regulate the levels of sugar in the bloodstream. The sugars in raw honey are not easy for the body to digest. The high concentration of nutrients in raw honey may help alleviate the problems of both constipation and excess weight.

Honey is also available in a variety of grades. Grading systems can vary from supplier to supplier. Some honey will be available in a natural grade, unprocessed honey. Other honey will be available in a graded variety, meaning it has had some or all of the processing methods removed.

Honey available in natural grade can still be good for cooking. Although the antibacterial qualities of raw honey is less because of the natural bacteria in raw honey. It is important to check the grade of honey you buy and if possible look for antibacterial grade.

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