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The Health Benefits of Clove

Although most of us generally think of garlic as being strong and pungent, the benefits of clove oil go far beyond the offensive properties. There are a number of cloves that possess antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Allicin is one of the most potent of these, with a strength equal to turmeric. An oral supplement derived from illicit or from the other components of the spice is often effective in reducing the occurrence and recurrence of oral thrush and yeast infections.

Many of us have experienced headaches at some time or another. Headaches can affect our quality of life and cause us to make changes in our routines. The benefits of clove oil can relieve headaches by relaxing the muscles of the skull and relieve muscle tension and stress. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation and reduce pain resulting from headaches.

Clove and Toothaches

Clove oil has been proven beneficial for use in combating toothaches by reducing inflammation. A natural antiseptic, it will soothe the pain of a toothache and help you overcome your weakness of feeling nauseous. Toothaches are often relieved by the introduction of whole cloves into the mouth. This practice helps to kill off any oral bacteria that may be causing the problem and can result in you enjoying an enjoyable cup of tea with no toothache.

Clove oil has a wide range of health benefits. It is rich in vitamins A and C and can help to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, hay fever, and bad skin. It is also one of the best natural sources of Vitamin A. As one of the richest sources of vitamin C, a spoonful of ground Premium cloves contains over 10 times the daily allowance. Clove oil is also rich in potassium and this vitamin helps to alleviate the effects of various muscle and joint pains, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The health benefits of cloves include reducing the risk of cancer. Scientific research has shown that antioxidants found in cloves help to fight against damaging free radicals. Free radicals are released due to excess inflammation, which is a major cause of cellular aging in both the skin and the body.

Antibacterial Clove Oil

Clove oil has powerful antibacterial properties that work to get rid of harmful bacteria, which are responsible for stomach ulcers and gastritis. The presence of sulphur compounds in Clove oil makes it a very effective stomach cleaner.

If you want to keep the bacteria from getting in your stomach and making you sick. Then make sure to rub a little Clove oil in your cheek every time you swallow to reduce the amount of gastritis you are experiencing.

As a spice in Indonesian cuisine, cloves have long enjoyed a place in the hearts of those who love to cook. In fact, the first cookbooks were written in Java based on recipes called “Kue Pepe”. These spices were always a part of the local tradition but over time spread across the world and now you can find them in most kitchens. Clove powder is commonly used to season stir-frys and is a must have addition to your pantry because of its distinct nutty and spice flavor that’s hard to beat.

Although there are many more benefits of Premium Clove, what we have discussed here are just some of the popular ones. One of the best known uses for Clove in Indonesia is in Tea. Indonesian tea leaves are steamed until they get a bit dark (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit). After this process, the leaves are then crushed and mixed with equal parts of sugar syrup and turmeric powder. This mixture is then strained and poured into mugs which are heated before consumption. Some people believe that this type of tea increases blood flow which is one of the benefits of Clove.

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