Turmeric Production Lyallpur Organics


Lyallpur Organics keenly looks into the detailed picture of turmeric (Haldi) roots. After the process of polishing, there are chances that the stones in a large bag during the shaking process got stuck with the rhizomesd (de-stoning).

As the stones can cause health disasters. We have a proper scientifically established method of de-stoning the rhizomes of turmeric (Haldi). On a conveyor belt containing fingers with vibration, raw turmeric roots are passed.

By the continuous vibratory oscillation. The big stones are automatically separated and fall down from the spaces between the fingers on the belt.


After the removal of small stones on the conveyor belt through vibratory oscillation. The roots then transfer into a z-type elevator. It is here that the small and minute-sized stones are removed.

The elevator carries the roots into the grader where the detailed cleaning process is carried out. The grader removes the stones smaller than 5 millimeters in size. The grader further separates and removes the lime-dust and other impurities from the turmeric (Haldi) roots.

It has a controlled internal environment where a vibratory belt with fingers has very minute gaps between them and a continuous up-down air passage helps the oscillating turmeric (Haldi) roots shed off the little stones also.


The final de-stoning process includes the flow of turmeric (Haldi) rhizomes through a container with cross-air pressures with which the smaller particles of dust are automatically separated from these rhizomes and clean them from every possibility of stone presence.

Lyallpur Organics carefully performs every single step as it is mandatory for human health to stay away from every possible impurity. Turmeric (Haldi) and other spices contain so many valuable nutritions as well as magical medicinal effects. If not taken care of all these processes, the impurities can mix up in the final form of turmeric (Haldi) and spices.

These impurities may later damage the health of our customers. Since our customers have trust in our products. So, we cannot just put humanity at a stake by careless production as our love for humanity cannot be challenged at any stage.