The process of grinding requires an equally careful operation to contain and sustain the nutritional values of turmeric (Haldi) and spices. Turmeric rhizomes, after fully dried and de-stoned, are cut into slices.

The process can be performed manually as well as in machines. In manual pre-cutting, the staff can slice it into smaller pieces. But this process appears to be too slow to meet the demand and supply chain needs. Therefore, ideally, the machines for this purpose are available at Lyallpur Organics’ processing plants. The destoning plant carries these carefully cleaned rhizomes to a universal impact mill.

The universal impact mill contains the fixed hammers which break these rhizomes piece by piece. In the presence of a plate magnet, the metallic particles are also separated in the same container. The hammers beat the turmeric and a specially designed screen fixed at the bottom of the hammer container mutually turns the rhizomes into small kibbles. The purpose behind turning these rhizomes into small kibbles is to make the grinding process easy and effective.


After the completion of the pre-cutting process, these finely cut rhizome slices are transferred into an Air Classifying Mill. It is the latest technology to ensure fineness in the final ground form. It also controls the temperature because a significant rise in temperature can damage the nutritional values of turmeric (Haldi).

The mill grinds the turmeric at a relatively cooler temperature. The cooler environment in the mill helps to keep the color, taste, and aroma of turmeric (Haldi) intact. It is, however, a detailed grinding process that grinds the turmeric minutely so much so that it can pass the sifting test.


Black peppers are globally known spices for extended nutritional and medicinal values. Highly filled with antioxidants, black pepper. When the turmeric (Haldi) is ground up to sixty to a hundred mesh, it is passed through a container with high efficient air cyclone which is discharged in a controlled manner.

This process not only checks the grinding precision but also ensures the sifting value in the grounded powder. However, the grounded powder is transferred into a sifter which further ensures the sifting value in the powder. By all these processes carried out carefully in hygienic machines, Lyallpur Organics offers its customers the best quality of turmeric (Haldi) and spice powders which are approved by all the standards locally and abroad.

It contains several health benefits including healing. Black peppers not only add aroma and taste to the foods but also serve as one of the best nutrients across the world. They are the major food ingredients to seek the desired taste and aroma in our every day cooked foods. Black peppers are being used for food and medicinal treatments since times immemorial.

With several other discoveries in foods, humans during evolution, have discovered and understood the uses of natural black pepper in their foods. Regarding the understanding of benefits, several scientific studies have proved that these peppers, among several other benefits, are used as the best pain relievers for mankind, pains incurred by several diseases and inflammations.