Metal Detection

Organic Turmeric and Metals

Today, Natural turmeric Powder (Haldi) is widely available around the world. But the unfortunate situation is that during the careless grinding process of raw and pre-processed turmeric (Haldi), several metallic components get mixed and become a hidden part of the powder. Metallic components become hazardous for human health and cause numerous diseases in the body including cancer, kidney diseases, and heart failure. This issue has become global and is becoming uncontrollable. Lyallpur Organics is committed to providing its customers with the best organic turmeric free from all metallic impurities. Our staff with all the scientific expertise regarding organic turmeric, its values, and nutrition, are well versed in the process of removing the metallic components mixed during the grinding process into the turmeric powder (Haldi).

Gravitational Separation

Since metal is denser in its formation and becomes heavy, the process of initial separation is simple but needs a lot of attention. After the precise inspection of recently ground turmeric (Haldi Powder) into the powder, the powder is transferred into a container with gravitational pull. By doing so, the turmeric (Haldi) powder is extracted into a separate canal and the metallic components being heavier and denser than the powder, fall down to the gravity. This process aims at freeing the turmeric (Haldi) powder from the larger components of metal. However, very tiny and minutes components stay in the powder and are not so easily extractable. But our customers need not worry about it. We have a separate machining process for that also.

Magnetic Plates

After the initial inspection and separation of larger metal components, the powder is transferred into a very large chamber where the powder falls from above and the sides of the entire chamber are fixed with powerful magnets. During the fall of the powder, all the very minute charge-containing elements are extracted and get stuck with the powerful magnetic plates. The final powder is then tested in our labs to ensure that all the metallic components are removed and there is no hazard left in consuming the final organic turmeric (Haldi) powder. If any impurity stays, the process is repeated again and again unless or until the powder is with zero metallic components. The process takes a lot of time but Lyallpur Organics’ commitment to produce the purest form of foods is still there due to which our turmeric (Haldi) and other spice powders are all free from the impurities.