Kishmish Kandhari is known as the Pink Himalayan Rava. It has been described as having a sweet taste, fruity aroma, distinctive heady aroma, and a rich therapeutic value for all kinds of physical and mental ailments. It is a special breed of raisin-like plant that grows only in Pakistan and India. Its name was derived from a legend that a king of that era was riding on a Kishmish. He wanted to pass out the juice from his lips to all who would reach him, but unfortunately, he failed to do so.

Kishmish, which is also called  Raisin, are dried fruits of certain varieties of grapes. It is believed that humans discovered raisins when they happened upon grapes drying on a vine. Now they are a part of almost every sweet dish made in any cuisine. 

Kishmish Kandhari has a sweet taste, distinctive heady aroma, and a rich therapeutic value for all types of physical and mental ailments. So, it has been described as having a wolf in sheep’s clothing. All these qualities make this Kishmish available at a premium price. These raisins have a Kishmish price in Pakistan and India.


There are numerous benefits of kishmish, few of them are listed below;

  • Kishmish is mainly used as an alkaloid for digestive problems. It aids in quick digestion and eases the process of excretion.
  • Raisins are a rich source of tannin and are an essential blood purifier.
  • It is used for treating many respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Kishmish can treat asthma quickly.
  • Raisins relieve congestion, reduces inflammation, and eases pain and congestion. 
  • Kishmish is also used to treat spondylosis and rheumatism. 
  • It is also very effective for improving the condition of patients with weak lungs. Patients using kishmish prices have experienced increases in their lung capacity and breathing rate.
  • A very famous kishmish benefit is its ability to treat infertility.

As kishmish assists in fertilization, it is also known as a fertility herb. It increases the number of eggs produced in women and prevents ovarian and endometrial diseases. However, kishmish should not be used to treat women who suffer from uterine prolapse, endometriosis, or any abnormal vaginal bleeding. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult your doctor if you are on medication for these conditions and want to add this herb to your daily diet.

As for kishmish benefits, raisins make a delicious side dish. They are trendy in Kashmir. There are various recipes for raisins that Kashmiri chefs have created. These recipes vary from dish to dish but usually include dried mint, chamana, khuzaee, pakoras, pickles, paneer, tilapia, or dried fruits (dhal! ).

Nutritional Values of Kishmish

Nutritional values addition to all its benefits, it also contains the following nutritious elements per 100 gram

  • Energy 299 calories
  • Potassium 21%
  • Sodium 11 mg
  • Carbohydrates 26%
  • Proteins 6%
  • Vitamin C 3%
  • Iron 10%
  • Vitamin B6 10%
  • Magnesium 8%
  • Calcium 5%


The most important thing about kishmish is the price. In Kashmir, you will pay a fixed price for kishmish. Therefore, it is essential to purchase kishmish from a reputable kishmish manufacturer. Also, always choose kishmish produced through a trusted kishmish manufacturer. Check out the kishmish manufacturer’s credentials. Ensure the authenticity of the ingredients used in the making of the kishmish.

Premium Kishmish Kandhari can be prepared for several different types of occasions. For instance, it is traditional to eat kishmish with dessert. If you wish to serve it as a dessert, go for a traditional kishmish with raisins and cashews. On the other hand, if you do not have time to prepare kishmish for a big gathering, natural kishmish with raisins and cashews is just perfect. You can also prepare kishmish as a snack.

The kishmish price is determined according to the number of raisins used in the kishmish recipe and the age of the person eating it. Usually, young kids are given small kishmish to eat. Senior citizens are given much larger kishmish. Generally, a Kishmish is priced higher when it is served to someone ancient.


You can find kishmish in many different flavors nowadays. Some kishmish are sweet and spicy and are liked by young and old alike. You can also get different kishmish to go with any food that you like. Whatever flavor you prefer, you will easily find it at kishmish restaurants in Kashmir. The kishmish price is also dependent on whether you are buying dry ingredients or fresh ingredients for preparing kishmish.

To get an accurate kishmish price, you can always consult a Lyallpur Organics store. Suppose you wish to buy kishmish that are available in the market quickly. In that case, you can ask the shopkeeper to give you an excellent kishmish price. If you shop at Lyallpur Organics stores located online, you will benefit from comparing prices as well. You can check out websites of famous brands to see kishmish ingredients and prices. Once you get the kishmish ingredients at your home, you can cook them right away to enjoy the delicious taste of kishmish.