Lyallpur Organics’ motto is to provide its customers the organic and purest form of food products. Today, the demand and supply gap is already existing but still, the gap is being removed by adding impurities into the food products by locals consequent to which, several raids have been conducted by the provincial and federal food authorities to seal the distributors of impure, dust mixed and fake food items.

Keeping this in view, Lyallpur Organics has committed to producing quality rather than increasing the fatal quantity which causes hazardous outputs. 


Dust, being a carrier of multiple bacterial and chemical impurities, cannot be borne as a part of food and cosmetic products such as turmeric (Haldi) or any other spice powder.

Although during the pre-grinding process, every single sign of soil and dust is minutely removed there is still so much room for dust to become a part of the final product as the rhizomes of turmeric are exposed to direct sunlight for quite a while.

After that, the process of polishing it happens through which the chances of inclusion of dust arise. Although we take great care of keeping the whole process fully hygienic it has been observed through various post-finalization powder analyses that few very tiny, if not minute, dust particles exist. These particles are too low against the quantity but yes, they do exist. 


Lyallpur Organics’ expert staff does not allow these tiny and minute dust particles to stay in the final turmeric (Haldi) and spice powders. We have established a separate plant for the removal of such particles which are the Dust-Sucking plants. These plants are heavily equipped with the latest and top-of-the-line sensors that sense the presence of too meager dust particles and copes with the situation.

One of the basic qualities of dust particles is that they are caught during the post-grinding process of sifting. Turmeric powder can be ground so much that smooth sifting can be sensed in it. But the particles cannot be ground that much. Therefore, our machines contain sensors that detect the presence of dust particles and separate them quite technically.

For the separation of these tiny dust particles, a screen is fitted upon a sucking diaphragm. The screen contains very tiny holes just like the coffee strainers during the brewing process. Through that diaphragm, a suction is created which sucks all the turmeric powder components in and the particles are automatically filtered and separated out. And thus, the final powder appears to be fully pure and organic, and full of nutritional values without any threat to the health.