Premium Black Pepper Powder (Kali Mirch Powder)


Shop for high-quality black pepper powder with affordable price from Lyallpur Organics, the leading organic spice supplier in Pakistan. Our black pepper extract powder is made from hand-picked peppercorns and is 100% natural and organic. It adds a bold and pungent flavor to your dishes and is perfect for seasoning meat, vegetables, and soups. Buy now at an affordable price and enhance the taste of your meals. Our black pepper powder is hand-picked and naturally processed to preserve its aroma and flavor. It’s a must-have spice in your kitchen, and with our affordable prices, you can enjoy the taste and health benefits of black pepper without breaking the bank. Order now and get it delivered to your doorstep.



Black pepper is a well-known spice with various nutritional and therapeutic properties. Black pepper adds flavor and scent to dishes while also serving as one of the top nutrients on the planet. They are the most common culinary additives to get the required flavor and scent in our daily prepared dishes. Black pepper has been used in food and medicine for a time. Lyallpur Organic black pepper processing and remedy are quite clinical and are based totally on studies and discoveries. 

Our black pepper powder is licensed with the aid of the Pakistan Council of medical and business studies enterprise. Therefore, Lyallpur organics is a trusted black pepper supplier in Pakistan based in Lahore. Our black peppers are unfastened from all metal and stone components and bring no components. Moreover, our treatment with top-class black pepper is attempted and tested minutely sufficient to leave no room for any nutritional hazard in our product.

Why is Lyallpur Organic a famous brand?

Lyallpur organic is the most famous Pakistani brand in spices providing original & pure products from the farm to your kitchen to give a taste to your food. The category is ruled via loose and unbranded spices, which have decreased pleasantness and have a variety of impurities. We have promised to provide pure and natural products at your doorstep made from natural elements and the purest of spices. The entire procedure of creating the highest grade and one 100% natural black pepper for you is overseen by specialists at Lyallpur Organics. Due to the fact we simplest deliver 100% natural and herbal objects of the very best high-quality at your doorstep to boost your kitchen with a fabulous smell. We have a whole range of all kinds of spices. Black Pepper Powder Price in Pakistan is 498 PKR depending on the quality and quantity of the product.


Process of Manufacture

We ensure you get the purest spices among numerous different techniques of treating the black pepper. The processing is the most critical step in using the latest technology in the manufacturing process. It is monitored because we care for humanity, and we do not need our fellow people to suffer from impurities. 


The most crucial step we can not ignore is our packing process. Lyallpur Organics cannot compromise on the packaging process when it comes to packing whole black pepper. In packaging, air tightening technology ensures no bacterial or viral contaminants penetrate the product and develop on it. It permits the product’s quality to last in our kitchen for a long time. Consequently, millions of people in Pakistan and worldwide have trusted us.


Store the black pepper away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. The jar container package is firmly sealed at all times. It will ensure that the quality of your pepper lasts the longest.

Products Specification

Additional information

Weight0.125 kg

125 gram


Dark Brown / Black

Place of Origin



No added colour, no added preservation

Shelf Life

Up to two Years

Item package quantity


Storage Temperature

Airtight Container, cold, dry place


Lyallpur Organics


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