Premium Black Seed – Kalonji (Khalis Kalonji) 210 Grams

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Looking for high-quality black seeds, kalonji, or kalwanji at an affordable price in Pakistan? Look no further than our selection at Lyallpur Organics. Our black seeds, also known as kalonji or kalwanji, are sourced from the finest growers and processed using advanced technology to ensure maximum purity and potency. We offer competitive prices on all of our black seeds, kalonji, and kalwanji, so you can enjoy the many health benefits without breaking the bank. Shop with Lyallpur Organics today and experience the difference in quality and price!



Kalonji is a popular herb which is used for flavouring foods. It has been utilized from eternity by people for flavour in daily foods. Black seeds, also known as kalwanji or Kalonji, are used as medicinal plants all over the world. In various cuisines, this is used as a delicious spice. It has a delicious aroma to it.

In Pakistan, Lyallpur Organics is the only brand of Pure and Organic black seed, kalonji or kalwanji supplier in Pakistan. Our kalonji seeds have a lot of benefits for health. It helps the digestive and metabolic and the stomach, liver, and kidneys. Kalonji strengthens our body defence system, which assists in the fight against several disorders. Furthermore, Kalonji therapy is meticulously evaluated, leaving no place for any risk in our product.

Why is Lyallpur Organics so popular?

Lyallpur Organics is Pakistan’s top-rated organic food products provider company. We provide natural & organic products straight from the farm to your kitchen to improve the flavour of your food. We are committed to bringing you original & pure things made from natural materials, as well as the most delicate organic products. Lyallpur Organics is in charge of overseeing the complete process of generating the best and 100% Organic kalonji seeds for you. We at Lyallpur Organics provide our customers original and pure products and gain the trust of the people all over the world. Kalonji Price in Pakistan ranges from 208 PKR to 480 PKR depending on the quality and quantity of the product.

Manufacturing Process:

Same as the other products, the processing of Black seeds is very important. Lyallpur Organics offers natural & organic, fresh Kalonji seeds online with no additives.

Furthermore, Lyallpur kalwanji processing is highly scientific and based using advanced technology. We are the only reputable Kalonji seed supplier in Pakistan and other organic products.

Our Kalonji is devoid of any metallic and stone components. Furthermore, our therapy with Kalwanjii is meticulously evaluated, leaving no possibility for any nutritional hazard in our product.

Packaging Process:

One of the most important steps we cannot overlook is our packing technique. Lyallpur Organics never ignores the packing procedure. It permits the package’s freshness to linger longer in your kitchen. We use advanced technology in the packaging process so that we can save our products from viruses. That’s why, due to the quality of our products, millions of people like our products.


Seeds should be stored by air tightening technology. For long-term use, store it in a cold and dry place.

Ingredient Name:

Nigella sativa Linn.

Arabic Name: Shooneez, Habba Sauda, Habb al-barka

Bengali Name : Mota Kalajira, Mugrela

Chinese Name: Pei hei zhong cao

English Name: Black Cumin, Fitches

French Name : Cheveux de Vénus, Nigelle

German Name: Schwarzkümmel

Gujarati Name: Kalonji Jeeru, Kalounji

Hindi Name: Kalonji

Kannada Name : Karijirige

Kashmiri Name: Kalonji

Latin name: Nigella sativa Linn.

Marathi Name: Kalaunji Jire

Persian Name: Siah Dana

Punjabi Name: Kalwanji

Sanskrit Name: Upakunchika

Urdu Name: Kalonji

Additional information

Product Name

Premium Black Seed, Kalonji, Kalwanji


115 gram, 210 gram, 75 gram

Item package quantity


Place of Origin


Shelf Life

Up to two Years


No added color, no added preservation

Storage Temperature

Airtight Container, cold dry location


Lyallpur Organics

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(1 customer review )
  1. Imran Razzaq (verified owner)

    Black Seeds (Kalonji) from Lyallpur Organics are a valuable addition to my wellness routine. They are high-quality and come with numerous health benefits. I regularly use them in my herbal infusions. Plus, the great price in Pakistan makes them even more appealing. Highly recommended for health-conscious individuals!

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