Premium Cinnamon Powder ( Dar Cheeni Powder)

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Get the aromatic and flavorful Dar Cheeni powder for your culinary needs. Shop high-quality Cinnamon Powder / Dalchini Powder at affordable prices in Pakistan. Order now!



Dar Cheeni is a widely used spice for its nutritional and therapeutic properties. Humans have utilized it for flavor and scent in everyday dishes from the beginning of time. Dar Cheeni is another name for Cinnamon. It has a variety of nutritional properties. Cinnamon is used to curing wounds, kill germs, treat viral infections, and speed up wound healing.

Lyallpur Organics is a famous brand for organic products in Pakistan based in Lahore performed a comprehensive study across the country. We noticed that the Premium cinnamon powder or daar cheeni Powder on the market had several hazardous ingredients that posed various health risks. The blend of chemical essences used to add artificial flavor to outdated Dar Cheeni is one of the principal contaminants in cinnamon powder, which disrupts chemical stability in the human body. The reddish-brown spice has a sweet, spicy, woody flavor that delivers the aroma of cooking with our high-quality Pakistani spices.

Why is Lyallpur Organics the best choice?

When looking for anything to improve our health, the most crucial factor is quality. Lyallpur organics is the greatest option. That provides quality products from Lyallpur Organics farms to your kitchen without any preservative or colour. Because we only supply 100% original and pure dar cheeni powder of the highest quality. The entire process of making the highest grade and 100 % natural Dar Cheeni for you is overseen by professionals at Lyallpur Organics farms. Advanced technology is applied every step of the way, ensuring that our goods are natural and organic when they reach you.


Packaging is the most important process we can not skip. Lyallpur Organics cannot compromise on the packaging procedure. In the packaging process, sealed technology is used to ensure that no bacteria can enter or harm the quality of the product. It permits the product’s quality to last in our kitchen long term. Lyallpur Organics takes great care in processing the packaging of our goods since these items can only maintain their highest quality if they are packaged properly. It allows the product’s quality to last for a long time in our kitchen.


Store cinnamon in an airtight container in a cold, dry location. A kitchen cabinet or a spice drawer are also excellent choices. If your spice box isn’t resealable, consider moving it to a resealable bag or jar once you’ve opened it. Alternatively, cover the top to keep fresh air out.

Additional information

Weight0.60 kg
Product Name

Dar Cheeni


60 gram


No added colour, no added preservation

Place of Origin




Shelf Life

Up to two Years

Item package quantity


Storage Temperature

Airtight Container, cold dry location


Lyallpur Organics

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(1 customer review )
  1. Hira Nasir (verified owner)

    Lyallpur Organics’ Cinnamon Powder is a delightful addition to my kitchen. It’s perfect for my cinnamon rolls and hot beverages, bringing a warm and cozy taste. Plus, the affordable price in Pakistan makes it an excellent choice for both taste and budget-conscious individuals. Highly recommended!

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