Premium Clove (Khalis Laung) 50 Grams


Elevate your culinary creations with the premium Khalis Laung (Clove) from Lyallpur Organics, the best spice shop in Pakistan. These aromatic flower buds, priced competitively in Pakistan, are known for their warm, sweet, and slightly peppery flavor profile. They are carefully handpicked and dried to preserve their natural oils and aroma. Use them to add depth and complexity to both savory and sweet dishes. Whether you’re preparing a hearty curry or baking delectable desserts, our 50-gram pack of Khalis Laung is the perfect choice for discerning chefs and home cooks alike.


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Introducing Lyallpur Organics Premium Clove (Khalis Laung) 50 Grams – a testament to our commitment to providing you with the finest, natural spices at our online store. Our clove is carefully cultivated to bring you an authentic and pure culinary experience.

Clove Price in Pakistan:

Lyallpur Organics brings you Premium Clove at an affordable price in Pakistan, ensuring that you can enjoy the richness of Khalis Laung without compromising on quality. We believe that everyone should have access to premium natural spices that not only enhance flavors but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Clove in Pakistan:

Clove has been a cherished spice in Pakistani cuisine, and Lyallpur Organics takes pride in delivering the true essence of Khalis Laung to your kitchen. Our natural clove is a tribute to the culinary heritage of Pakistan, allowing you to infuse your dishes with an unmatched depth of flavor. Trust Lyallpur Organics to bring you the best in natural & organic spices.

Buy Khalis Laung:

Embark on a journey of pure flavor by choosing Lyallpur Organics for your clove needs. Our Premium Clove in a convenient 50-gram pack is a testament to our dedication to organic excellence. When you buy Khalis Laung from Lyallpur Organics, you are choosing not only superior quality but also supporting a commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices.

Transform your kitchen with Lyallpur Organics Premium Clove (Khalis Laung). Increase the taste of your dishes with the unmatched purity and flavor that only natural & organic spices can deliver. Order now and experience the difference!

Additional information

Weight50 kg

Lyallpur Organics

Item package quantity



50 gram

Place of Origin


Shelf Life

Up to two Years


No added color, no added preservation

Storage Temperature

Airtight Container, cold dry location


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