Premium Clove (Khalis Laung) – 65 Gram

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Looking for premium quality cloves or laung at an affordable price in Pakistan? Look no further than Lyallpur Organics. We offer handpicked, high-quality cloves sourced directly from our farms. Our cloves are rich in aroma and flavor, making them a perfect addition to your culinary creations. Whether you need cloves for your recipes or for medicinal purposes, we have got you covered. Order now and enjoy the goodness of our premium quality cloves at an unbeatable price.



Clove comes from the Flowering plant used as a flavour, before spreading to other regions, like Europe and Asia, Clove was used in Chinese civilization. Laung advantages, high in bioactive substances, give great support for dental health and help the body function properly. When combined with other spices or seasonings, the inclusion of long as a flavouring agent in several Asian and African dishes improves the taste.

Lyallpur Organics is the only brand of Organics & natural products in Pakistan based in Lahore. Along with flavouring, Lyallpur laung is often used to produce medications to treat a variety of diseases. Because of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics, Lyallpur clove benefits help treat swelling, tiny wounds, headache remedies, and flatulence. 

Lyallpur Organics is the one and only Organic Clove supplier in Pakistan. Long usage in your daily routine can significantly help your digestive system by boosting the digestive enzymes.

Why is Lyallpur Organics the famous Organics Products?

When it comes to improving health, the most important aspect is quality. The best option is Lyallpur organics. That brings high-quality food from Lyallpur Organics farms directly to your kitchen, free from impurities. Because we are the only supplier of organic & natural products in Pakistan. Professionals at Lyallpur Organics farms monitor the entire process of producing the best A grade and 100 % original & pure clove for you. In each step of this production, advanced technology is used to ensure that our products remain natural and organic when they arrive at your door.

Process Manufacturing:

In the manufacturing process, cloves dried frequently sun-dried and placed on clean rugs. The cloves are then scraped and turned on a regular basis to get an even brown color. The color of the clove buds varies from light russet to a darker brown as it dries. The drying time ranges between four and five days.

Packaging Process

In Lyallpur Organics processes of product packaging can be done with the utmost care. Because the packaging process can only maintain the quality of products for a long time. The technology of airtightness is used in packing to prevent bacterial or viral impurities from entering and flourishing on the product. It allows the product’s quality to last for a long time in our day-to-day culinary applications. The goal of monitoring is to show that we care about mankind and do not want our fellow people to suffer as a result of pollutants. Furthermore, packing is one of the most crucial steps that must not be overlooked.


Cloves should be kept in a sealed jar, especially anywhere cool and dark. Whole cloves keep their power longer than ground cloves, lasting around a year as opposed to three months for ground cloves.

Ingredient Name :

Myrtus caryophyllus Spreng.

Arabic Name : Qaranful, Kuboosh

Bengali Name : Lavang

Chinese Name : Ding xiang, Ting hsiang, Ding heung

English Name : Cloves

French Name : Clou de girofle, Giroflier

Gujarati Name : Laving

Hindi Name : Long, Laung

Kannada Name : Lavang, Kalika

Kashmiri Name : Rong

Latin name : Myrtus caryophyllus Spreng.

Marathi Name : Lavang

Persian Name : Mekhak

Punjabi Name : Laung, Long

Sanskrit Name : Lavanga, Devapushpa

Urdu Name : Qaranfal, Laung

Recommended Dosage:

Cloves : 0.5 to 2 g powder; Oil : 1 to 3 drops for external use.

Additional information

Weight0.065 kg
Product Name

Premium Clove / Laung


50 gram, 65 gram

Item package quantity


Place of Origin


Shelf Life

Up to two Years


No added color, no added preservation


Dark Brown

Storage Temperature

Airtight Container, cold dry location


Lyallpur Organics

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(1 customer review )
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    Cloves by Lyallpur Organics are of premium quality. Their strong aroma and taste make them perfect for spicing up my chai. What’s even better is the affordable price in Pakistan, making them an excellent choice for both taste and budget-conscious individuals. Highly recommended for those who appreciate top-notch spices without breaking the bank!

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