Crushed red pepper, often known as red pepper flakes, is a spice or flavour made from dried and crushed red chili peppers. Various capsicum peppers are available in crushed red pepper, recognised for its extreme intensity.

Red pepper chilis, which begin green before maturing into an orange-red to deep dark red hue, are best cultivated in the summer months when temperatures range from 70 to 84 degrees.

The most common question here is: Crushed red pepper the same as chili flakes? Crushed red pepper looks like chili flakes so the answer is yes there is no difference between Crushed red pepper and chili flakes. But Crushed red chili pepper is slightly different from chili powder.

In Pakistan, Lyallpur Organics is one of the famous brands of Crushed red chili Suppliers based in Lahore. Crushed red chili flakes is spicy and delicious Lyallpur Organics product that will add flavour to any food while also providing critical nutritional benefits. 

Lyallpur Crushed red chilies have a lot of health benefits. It has high in minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and B6. Our bodies absorb all of these nutrients, which aid in healing wounds, improving our metabolism and digestive system, strengthening bones and kidneys, and regulating blood coagulation.

Lyallpur Organics Red chilli is one of the most common food components used to get the required flavour and texture in our everyday prepared dishes.

Why Lyallpur Organics?

Everyone wants items that are Pure and Natural. Lyallpur Organics is a prominent Pakistani brand known for developing and providing high-quality products from farms to your kitchen.

At Lyallpur Organics, the whole process of making products preparation process is done entirely organically and under the supervision of our team of professionals.

However, Lyallpur Organics is the only brand in Pakistan that delivers 100% original items at your doorstep to enhance the flavour of your food. So the best place to buy crushed red chili is Lyallpur organics. Due to the purity of our products, we have gained the trust of millions of people worldwide.

Process of Manufacturing:

Lyallpur Organics offers our consumers the purest, natural, and red chili crushed. Our crushed red chili preparation is highly scientific, using advanced technology. Furthermore, our process of manufacturing crush red chilies has been thoroughly evaluated, leaving no possibility for any nutritional risk in our product. 

Lyallpur Organics Crushed Red Chili Powder is made from high-quality, hand-picked chillies to give your cuisine a brilliant colour, fascinating look, and spicy flavour to delight your taste buds. It is prepared under the supervision of experts at Lyallpur farms that is original and pure to ensure the safety and health of your meal.


Like many other preparation procedures, packaging is also one of the most crucial phases that must not be ignored in any situation. The quality of our food depends on the packaging.

If the packing is good, free from germs, the products will stay in our kitchen for a long time. Lyallpur Organics processes our goods’ packaging with the utmost care because these items can only maintain their quality if packaged with care.

That’s why people trust Lyallpur Organics Products.


Crushed Red Chili powder is stored away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. It’ll keep for months or even years on the shelf because it’s shelf-stable.

Spices lose their potency with time, so changing them after some time is better.

Products Specification



Product Name 

Crushed Red Chili


No added colour, no added preservation

Place of Origin



Orange red to Deep Dark Red

Shelf Life

Up to two Years

Item package quantity


Storage Temperature

Away from Light & heat


Lyallpur Organics

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Lyallpur Organics
Product Name
Crushed Red Chili
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165 gram, 265 gram, 60 gram


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