Flax seeds/Alsi ke Beej (السی کے بیج) are a plant’s way of giving back. Ancient and economical, these gifts from the earth provide soluble fiber, numerous disease-fighting fats and nutrients, and support for digestive health to those who ingest them regularly. Flaxseeds can turn any meal into a high-value nutrition experience. Along with ground flax meal or flakes mixed in breakfast cereals, soups and stews, salads and vegetables dishes—even yogurt—these moist golden blocks show how much we all need healthy food sources to live well. 

Who knew you could fulfill your protein quota with a mere handful of seeds? 

Lyallpur Organics Flax Seeds contain high-quality proteins to help from lunch weight loss. Flax seed also helps control blood sugar and may even have you feeling less bloated after indulging in a slice of pizza. The omega-3 fatty acid count is impressive, but what really sets this product apart is the fiber content: it makes pulses soft enough that they go down smoothly for those bad-seed days when gluten just isn’t cutting it. The price of flax seed depends on the quality and quantity of the product. Lyallpur Organics flax seed price in Pakistan ranges from 175 PKR to 348 PKR.

Ingredient Name:

Linum usitatissimum Linn.

Arabic Name : Bazr al-kattaan

Bengali Name: Mashina, Tisi

Chinese Name: Hu ma

English Name: Linseed, Flaxseed, Lint Bells

French Name: Lin cultiv

German Name : Lein, Flachs

Gujarati Name: Alshi

Hindi Name: Alsi, Tisi

Kannada Name: Agasebeeja, Semeagare, Agasi

Kashmiri Name: Alsi, Alish, Kenu

Latin name : Linum usitatissimum Linn.

Marathi Name: Javas, Alshi

Persian Name : Tukhme Katan, Tukhme Zaghir

Punjabi Name: Ali, Alish, Alsi, Tisi

Sanskrit Name: Uma, Atasi

Flax Seeds in Urdu: Katan, Alsi

Weight N/A

125 gram, 235 gram, 95 gram


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