Garam masala Powder is a spice mixture commonly used in food to give them an amazing taste. Garam masala spices are often roasted to provide flavour and aroma before grinding. Garam masala Powder is One of the most important Asian spices.

In Pakistan, Lyallpur Organics is the largest supplier of Garam masala Powder based in Lahore. Lyallpur organics supplies Organic Garam masala Powder from farm to your kitchen to give your food a delicious taste.

Peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, ginger, and cinnamon are all the important ingredients of Garam masala Powder. Lyallpur organics spices have no artificial colours or any preservatives. 

Lyallpur organics spices provide the flavours and perfume that only pure and unadulterated spices can provide. Add them to your favourite dishes for a flavour boost in your health. Garam masala Powder Price in Pakistan ranges from 260 PKR to 410 PKR depending on the quality and quantity of the product.

Why has Lyallpur Organics become the need of everyone?

Lyallpur Organics goal is to supply Pure and Organic food products to their customers. After a long struggle, Lyallpur organics became a need for everyone to achieve their goals of organic food. In Pakistan, Lyallpur organics is the largest supplier that supplies Natural and Organic products.

For giving your food an amazing taste we supply our products from lyallpur farms to your kitchen. At Lyallpur organics farms, each product is prepared under the supervision of team experts. Our experts tested the complete process of Garam masala Powder preparation. 

Our Garam Masala is a quality spice combination that provides your food with an amazing flavor. All our products are tested and licensed. That’s why Lyallpur organics spices have become the need of everyone worldwide.

Manufacturing Process:

At Lyallpur Farm, whole cinnamon, mace, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and cardamom pods are prepared. By the quality of our product, we have promised to deliver standard-based items.

Experts dry these spices in a clean environment by fulfilling our promised Lyallpur team. We can clean, dry, and grind our Garam masala Powders without adding any flavours or artificial colour to our product.

We used the latest grinding machine to grind Garam masala Powders at Lyallpur farms. As a result, our spices are high in pure & natural ingredients. Due to the standard of our products, millions of people like our products.

Packaging Process:

At Lyallpur Organics Farm, the packaging is the most important step. After product preparation, the packaging is the most important step that can never be ignored. Lyallpur Organics is not only concerned with product preparation. However, it is also entirely focused on packaging items.

A team of professionals from Lyallpur Farms packaged the items using modern technologies. Garam masala Powder is packaged in an airtight container using advanced technology. All our products are packed hygienically by maintaining strict quality standards. Due to the best packaging, products are used in our kitchen for a long time and give an amazing flavour to our food. 

Storage Process:

Lyallpur Organics Garam masala Powder is stored in airtight containers. Then it is stored in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

If you don’t store them in airtight containers, moisture can deteriorate the masalas, causing them to lose their flavours, fragrance, and colour. So keep it in a cool & dry place for longer shelf life in your kitchen.

Products Specification



Product Name 

Garam masala Powder


No added color, no added preservation

Place of Origin




Shelf Life

Up to 2 Years

Item package quantity


Storage Temperature

Cool & Dry Place


Lyallpur Organics

Weight N/A

100 gram, 210 gram, 75 gram


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