Ingredient Name :

Vitis vinifera Linn.

Arabic Name : Zabeeb

Bengali Name : Maneka

Chinese Name : Ye P’u t’ao

English Name : Dried Grapes, Raisins

French Name : Vigne Cultiv

German Name : Weinrebe

Gujarati Name : Darakh, Drakh

Hindi Name : Munakka, Dakh, Kishmish, Angur

Kannada Name : Draksha

Latin name : Vitis vinifera Linn.

Marathi Name : Draksh, Angur

Persian Name : Angoore Khushk, Mavaiz

Punjabi Name : Munakka

Sanskrit Name : Draksha

Urdu Name : Kishmish, Munaqqa, Angoor

These dried grapes are sweet, juicy, and chewy with a fresh off- the vine taste. Pair them up for grown-ups (raisins soaked in brandy tincture) or use them as natural dyes to make your homemade gifts this season.

Dried grapes (Kishmish Kandhari) can offer you energy, aid digestion, and improve bone strength. They also serve as tasty snacks that are naturally sweet with a full tang of fruitiness (not like those crispy little candy things abound).

Raisins are one of nature’s most wholesome treats. Whilst it contains many health benefits of Kishmish Kandhari, raisin provides 16g of protein in just 158 calories. With the natural sugar, fructose is good for tooth protection. If you’re looking to improve bone strength or dental hygiene, then this tasty treat by Lyallpur Organics is perfect for you! Based on the description most people would be able to guess that raisins/ Kishmish Kandhari are a powerful food.

Eat them with your cereals, in oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast, in salads or pasta dishes for lunch, and finally the top of an ice cream sundae just before you go to bed at night!

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