Ingredient Name:

Capsicum frutescens
Arabic Name:  falafil aihmar
Bangali Name: Shukno Lanka / Lal Morich

Chinese Name: Tien Tsin Peppers

English Name: capsicum
French Name: piment rouge
German Name: rote Chilli
Hindi Name: Lal Mirch
Kannada Name: Molaku / Kempu Menasinakai / Ona Menasinakai
Kashmiri Name: Kashmiri lal mirch
Latin name: Capsicum frutescens
Persian Name: muhammara
Punjabi Name: Lal Mirch
Urdu Name: لال مرچ

Red chili is a spice that has been ground and smashed into a powder form known as red chili powder. It’s used to give a delicious taste to food. Red Chilli Powder is made using an age-old combination of specific types of red, fiery, and spicy red chilies.

Its spicy nature provides your foods a vibrant natural red color, making them more appealing and appetizing. Compared with paprika-laced Mexican cuisine, the flavor of Pakistani food makes your food tasty. 

Lyallpur Organics is a well-known red chili Powder supplier in Pakistan based in Lahore for high-quality spices. With our Red Chili Powder, you can give an amazing taste to your food. We deliver you the feeling of a Pakistan cooking with our high-quality Pakistani spices.

Why is Lyallpur organics the best?

Today everyone wants original & pure products. Lyallpur Organics is the only organic food products producer and supplier in Pakistan . The whole process of preparing red chili at Lyallpur Organic is 100% naturally prepared under the supervision of our team experts. In Pakistan, Lyallpur Organics is the only brand that provides quality products from Lyallpur farms to your kitchen without adding any artificial color. We use advanced technology in each step of preparing red chili to make it 100% natural and organic-based on quality.

Process of Manufacture

Lyallpur Organics Red Chilli Powder is created with high-quality, hand-picked chilies to give your food a vibrant color, intriguing appearance, and spice to satisfy your taste buds.

Red Chili, Produced by Lyallpur Organics, is ISO certified and produced under worldwide spice production and packaging standards. Our red chili Powder is supplied worldwide and grown at Lyallpur farms and packed under the supervision of our experts. It is prepared 100 % original & pure to make your food safe and healthy.

Packaging Process

Our packing process is one of the most important steps we cannot overlook. When it comes to the packaging of goods, Lyallpur Organics can not compromise on the packaging process. The technology of air tightening is used in packaging to ensure that no bacterial or viral impurities enter and grow on the product. It allows the product’s quality to last for a long time in our kitchen. As a result, we have gained the trust of millions of people in Pakistan and throughout the world.


Red Chili powder is stored away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. It’ll keep for months or even years on the shelf because it’s shelf-stable. Spices lose their potency with time, so changing them after some time is better.

Products Specification



Product Name 

Red Chili


No added colour, no added preservation

Place of Origin




Shelf Life

Up to two Years

Item package quantity


Storage Temperature

Away from Light & heat


Lyallpur Organics

Weight 375.21 g

240 gram, 345 gram, 55 gram, 85 gram


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