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Whole red chili is a staple spice used in various cuisines around the world. Lyallpur Organics whole red chili is carefully handpicked, sun-dried, and packed under expert supervision to ensure its purity and natural flavor. It is free from any artificial colors, additives, or preservatives. Use it to add a spicy kick to your dishes or grind it into powder for convenience. You can purchase our high-quality whole red chili at an affordable price in Pakistan.

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Whole red chili is a spice used whole instead of ground into a powder. It is known for its fiery and spicy taste and is often used to heat dishes. Whole red chili is often used in Mexican, Southwestern, and Tex-Mex cuisine. It also provides a vibrant natural red color to dishes, making them more appealing and appetizing. 

Lyallpur Organics is a well-known supplier of Whole red chili in Pakistan based in Lahore for high-quality spices. With our kashmiri lal mirch whole, you can give an amazing taste to your food. We deliver the feeling of Pakistani cooking with our high-quality spices. The price of Whole red chili in Pakistan can vary depending on the quality and quantity of the package. At Lyallpur Organics, Whole red chili price is RS 314.

Red chilies are mildly pungent, with a fruity flavor and bright red color; natural Red chilies contain various nutritional values. Containing Vitamin C, high in antioxidant substances for our bodies, Vitamin B6 is also present that helps boost metabolism and digestion.

The health benefits of the Lyallpur Organics whole red chilies come from the presence of such elements as potassium which saves us from heart diseases to Vitamin K1 that causes protection against bone-breaking and kidney issues. These savory flavors bring remarkable benefits to those who enjoy their spicy taste! Meet the hero in your kitchen. A flavorful, fiery chili pepper that packs a punch while delivering a nutritious boost to you and your family’s diet.

The whole red chili is packed with crucial vitamins like Vitamin E, C, and A, so you can be sure it’s giving your body an invigorating vitamin charge, unlike any other bland food item. And because they’re so yummy-addicting, customers will soon feel reinvigorated thanks to the high-fiber content that’ll leave them feeling happier than ever! So say goodbye to burnt worms for dinner tonight. Roast up some red chilies instead!

Why are Lyallpur organics the best?

At Lyallpur Organics, we understand the importance of providing our customers with pure and original products. As the leading producer and supplier of organic food products in Pakistan, we ensure that our whole red chili is 100% naturally prepared under the guidance of our team of experts. Our brand is the only one in Pakistan that guarantees quality products sourced directly from our farms. The process we used is to ensure that our whole red chili is 100% natural and organic, and we also ensuring that our customers receive the best quality product.

Process of Manufacture

Lyallpur Organics Whole Red Chili is created with high-quality, hand-picked chilies to give your food a vibrant color, intriguing appearance, and spice to satisfy your taste buds.

Whole red chili produced by Lyallpur Organics is ISO certified and produced under worldwide spice production and packaging standards. Our Whole red chili is supplied worldwide, grown at Lyallpur Organics farms, and packed under the supervision of our experts. It is prepared 100 % original & pure to make your food safe and healthy.

Packaging Process

The packaging process at Lyallpur Organics is highly important, and we do not compromise on it. We use air-tight technology to ensure that the products are protected from bacterial and viral impurities, ensuring the product’s longevity and quality. This attention to detail in our packaging process has helped us gain the trust and loyalty of millions of customers in Pakistan and worldwide.


Whole Red chili should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is considered a shelf-stable product, meaning it can last several months or even years when stored properly. However, it’s important to note that spices can lose their potency over time, so replacing them after a certain period is recommended to ensure the best flavor and aroma when using them in your cooking.

Additional information

Product Name

Whole Red Chili


110 gram



Item package quantity


Place of Origin


Shelf Life

Up to two Years


No added color, no added preservation

Storage Temperature

Airtight Container, cold dry location


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  1. Ali Mansoor (verified owner)

    Lyallpur Organics’ Natural Whole Red Chili not only infuses rich flavors into my dishes but also adds a perfect level of heat. What’s impressive is the price in Pakistan and the practical packaging, which keeps my whole red chilies fresh and mess-free in my kitchen. Highly recommended!

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