Turmeric Powder


Lyallpur Organics has started its mission of providing our nation with natural, pure, and organic turmeric and spice powders. In the existing industry of Haldi and spice powders, the inclusion of chemical-based fertilizers during crop management and the mixing of stone and metallic components during their grinding has become a normal activity. In comparison with developed countries, resultantly, our people’s average age has decreased, mostly affected by diseases like cancer, diabetes, liver failure, kidney stoning, etc. Lyallpur Organics has conducted a thorough study to discover the reasons behind all these diseases and a decrease in age-limit. Consequent to our survey and study, we have come to know, with the help of top-notch nutritionists and doctors, that the impurities in our foods, chemical and metallic components, unhygienic conditions of our foods cause all these diseases which result in early death. Right after this discovery, Lyallpur Organics started a mission to redefine food hygiene in Pakistan. The process begins with the distribution of knowledge and literature among masses regarding the food safety and hygiene, and its importance. Meanwhile, we are already providing our nation with the best quality, scientifically processed, and laboratory-tested, and approved turmeric (Haldi) and spice powders nationwide for those who are already well versed in food safety. But those who lack awareness regarding the food chain disturbance and its aftermaths, Lyallpur Organics is here to provide proper literature and describe how important it is to sustain a hygienic food chain for our survival.  By spreading proper awareness among the masses of every class, our mission is to improve the average age limit of our nation with good health. Importantly, turmeric (Haldi) and several other spices carry medicinal values. 

Our mission is to keep their medicinal traits alive by purifying our organic crops through de-stoning and removing the metallic components.
Besides, on a global level, the demand for turmeric and spice powder is also increasing. Lyallpur Organics’ mission is to meet the global standards of organic and processed turmeric and spice powders so that by exporting our products abroad, we may become a source of increasing local GDP and benefit our country’s economy.