Value Statement

Lyallpur Organics Envision

Lyallpur Organics envision the provision of the best, pure, and Natural turmeric (Haldi) powder throughout the country. Keeping in view the source of nutrition and medicinal values of turmeric powder and other spices we offer, it is one of the most important food elements to maintain a good metabolism, nutritional profile, immune system, beautification values, natural antibiotic, and vitamin deficiency in our fellow human beings. We look forward to providing scientifically set standards of turmeric and spice powders nationwide.

By doing so, our vision is crystal clear. We want our people to be strong and healthy. It will automatically increase the average lifespan of each individual. As a sound body has a sound mind, our vision is to maintain the health of the Pakistani nation so that we could positively think and do for Pakistan’s betterment.

Our vision is a step-by-step process towards health-graph improvement. First of all, our vision is to impart proper awareness regarding health charts and the medicinal importance of turmeric powder (Haldi) and other spices. For that purpose, we have comparative analyses of turmeric and spice powders both prepared locally and purified by Lyallpur Organics. Our analyses are received from laboratories after a proper scientific investigation which focuses on the valuation of poisonous elements mixed during the grinding process. For instance, ground by the stone grinders, these powders contain stone elements that damage kidneys and cause various diseases. Similarly, ground on metallic grinders, these powders contain metallic components that are hazardous for human health.

Our vision is to purify turmeric and spice powders from all these elements so that the medicinal and nutritional values of these powders may not be damaged. However, our locally processed powders of turmeric (Haldi) and other spices still contain these poisonous elements which happen to be poisonous and harmful in various aspects rather than curing and increasing our immunity