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Lyallpur Organics (pvt) Ltd. is an Authentic Food Brand with state of the art processing facilities in Pakistan.

Lyallpur Organics is actively involved in providing the finest quality spices, meat products, and other commodities to its customers. We are centrally located in Lahore, where we have an advanced food processing plant and packaging facility. The main motive of Lyallpur Organics is ”Hygienic Food Delivery”. We are dedicated to providing the safest food products, serving top-quality turmeric and other spices around the globe.


Lyallpur Organics

Our Happy Customers

Best cinnamon powder I ever tasted. Strongly Recommended!!!!
Arif Goraya
Bohat hi achi quality hy Basil seeds ki. Aala. This is my 3rd order. Still same taste . Hopefully Lyallpur Organics will manage their quantity and quality in future.
Rabia Sajjad Chishti


Lyallpur Organics is a most valid and authentic brand for scientifically processed pure and natural turmeric and other spices. We are a first local brand with the fulfillment of all the quality standards. We are too concerned about human health regarding nutritional value in our foods during and after the plant-processing. Lyallpur Organics has a diverse range of food products herbs and spices to offer. Our products are natural and pure without any harmful chemicals. We always intend to keep the products natural and pure. It is for the reason that our products and all spices are laboratory-tested and approved with all the standards of quality needed for efficient digestion and health charts.


Since turmeric (Haldi) has so many cosmetic and medicinal values, our prime concern is to keep it totally natural and pure so that we could keep it from any chemical inclusion. Chemicals, for long-term use, appear to be poisonous and hazardous for health and digestion. Lyallpur Organics care for your health. However, the global trend of farming consists of the inclusion of multiple chemicals to meet the ever-increasing demand for turmeric and spices. On the other hand, Lyallpur Organics does not intend to produce the bulks of poison. We do our best to keep our products pure during and after the crop harvest and processing. For that purpose, we have several processing plants working to purify our locally produced organic turmeric and spices pure and metal-free.


Lyallpur Organics is well aware of how, during the post-harvest plant processing, the tiny elements of metal get mixed in the powder after grinding the natural turmeric and spices. For this reason, we have several filtration plants which are intended to remove those tiny metallic components from our products. The reason behind having all these responsibilities on our shoulders is that we don’t want our customers to face any poisonous effects on their health despite all the medicinal values of our products.



“ Lyallpur Organics has started its mission of providing our nation with natural, pure, and organic turmeric and spices powder.”

If you have questions we are here +92 309 1110707