Organic Turmeric Powder

Hygienic Packaging

Lyallpur Organics cannot compromise on quality and hygiene. Being the primary reason for our healthy survival, our foods need to be packaged properly for long-term uses. The packaging process cannot just be neglected. Because if we produce the best quality turmeric (Haldi) and spice powders. But cannot contain them for their quality-sustenance, we would not be able to claim any difference from others. It is for this reason that we have proper packaging plants where a clean and hygienic environment is already established and sustained. During the process of packing our turmeric (Haldi) and other spice-powders. Our plants are tuned to pack products for long-term use. The packaging is air-tightened so that no germ or contamination from the outside world can cause any harm to the quality of our product.

Product-wise details of Packaging

Lyallpur Organics offers a diversity of organic and pure products with the best quality scientifically possible. Our diverse range of products is available both in pouch and jar forms. The details of packaging according to products is below:-