With your visit to our website, Lyallpur Organics collects your data such as your location, IP address, time zone, phone number, email address, and cookies on your device. Don’t worry, we are a trusted platform with a totally professional approach that saves our valued customers’ privacy. We collect all the above-mentioned data to understand and assess the demand ratio of your locality. With Lyallpur Organics, your data is totally safe and secure as we do not opt to put our customers’ privacy at a stake.

We use your data primarily to assess the territorial demand and supply chain which may let us understand and develop the food safety chart according to the various locations nationwide. The purpose of building such a chart is to have an elaborate grip over the demand and supply chain and its gaps. Secondly, with your provision of email address, we send you newsletters and updates regarding the prices, discounts, and promotions, etc. This is not a static behavior of Lyallpur Organics as we can stop doing so if receiving email updates does not comfort you.

Your privacy is safe with us as we do not share any of your data provided at the website during the purchasing process. It is solely and professionally used for the purpose of delivery and promotional updates and nothing else.

Our valued customers have a fully-fledged authority over their personal information provided on our website. You can, at any moment, view, remove, or amend any of your information without any hassle and it stays private with us. Plus, we do not perform any infringement of rights of the provision of data policy as mentioned above. You have full authority to let us know when to delete your data and it will be deleted without any delay because we are committed to providing you the safety of your private information.