Crop Quality

Lyallpur Organics is the most trusted Pakistani brand for the purchase of turmeric (Haldi) and spice powders. Our prime concern is to closely monitor the soil preparation for the cultivation of turmeric (Haldi) roots and other spices so that we can produce the best quality of the crop. By doing so, we are capable of producing turmeric and spices which are naturally filled with all the necessary nutritional values to the core. However, once turmeric roots and spices are harvested from the fields, our experts filter out the faulty pieces and present further only the best-in-health raw turmeric and spices.

Washing and Cleaning

Washing and cleaning is the most important step to maintain the quality of our products. Our raw turmeric (Haldi) roots and spices, after the filtration process, are washed and cleaned too minutely so that all the unnecessary bacterial components coming from the fields may be removed very carefully. The process of washing is not confined to single washing. It is washing, cleaning, again washing, and cleaning just to ensure that there is no single poisonous element left on it.

Drying and Grinding

Our drying process is not ordinary and simple. We expose our raw turmeric (Haldi) roots and spices to the sun only as much as the sunshine does not start fuming away the nutritional components from our crop. By drying in such an environment, the nutritional, as well as the beautification capabilities of turmeric and spices, are not harmed. This process takes from half to one month usually. Once the turmeric roots are fully dried, our experts carry them forward to start the grinding process. For grinding, Lyallpur Organics has state-of-the-art imported machinery which turns the raw turmeric into powder. However, we do not count it pure because we have discovered several times that during the grinding process, several metallic tiny particles get mixed into the powder which appears to be hazardous for human health. Consequently, it does not contain medicinal benefits as much as contaminations.

De-Stoning and De-Matalling

Lyallpur Organics is a committed brand to the sustenance and improvement of human health so all the contaminations, be it stones or metal particles in the turmeric (Haldi) or spice, powdered at our plants, we have the responsibility to produce the purest of the pure powders. For that purpose, we have imported machines that are dedicated to destone and de-metalize the turmeric and spice powders. It is this process where Lyallpur Organics is far, far better than the rest of the companies. Our specialized experts minutely observe in detail after the completion of the destoning and demetallization process whether the powder has fully been purified or there is still any room for repetition of this cleaning process. Sometimes, it takes several turns for a single batch of turmeric and spices to go through the same process but we only repeat it only to make sure that our customers may never encounter any health hazard. Our dedication is towards the carefulness of your health sustainability, immunity, beautification, and digestive strength. Therefore, we claim our transparency because we are tested and certified brand by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research labs which does not leave any room for suspecion.

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Lyallpur Organics

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News & Updates

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