Lyallpur Organics (Pvt) Ltd provides export-quality spices from their unparalleled processing capabilities. With a commitment to quality, they have invested in state-of-the-art plant machinery for turmeric (Haldi) and spice processing, setting them apart as the leader in Pakistan. Their skilled team ensures seamless operations and maintenance of the advanced processing plant. 

From land preparation and cultivation to harvest and filtration, Lyallpur Organics follows scientifically recommended processes to ensure the finest quality. They prioritize crop sustainability and employ hygienic washing techniques to eliminate impurities. Careful curing, drying, and polishing methods enhance the appearance and quality of their turmeric products. 

Lyallpur Organics takes strict measures to ensure their spices are free from metallic components. Utilizing gravitational separation and magnetic plates, they eliminate minute metal impurities. Their fully automated process minimizes human intervention, guaranteeing the organic and pure nature of their products. Experience the excellence of Lyallpur Organics’ spice production and discover the Pakistan’s only air grinded spices plant on their Factory Tour. 

Contact Us: +92 309 111 07 07