Red chilies are one of the major food ingredients to seek the desired taste and aroma in our everyday cooked foods. The uses of red chilies are as ancient as human beings. With several other discoveries in foods, humans during evolution, have discovered and understood the uses of natural red chilies in their foods.

Regarding the understanding of benefits, several scientific studies have proved that these chilies, among several other benefits, are used as the best pain relievers for mankind, pains incurred by several diseases and inflammations. 

Nutritional Values

Natural Red chilies contain various nutritional values. Red chilies contain Vitamin C which is a high antioxidant substance for our bodies. It helps heal wounds rapidly.

Vitamin B6 is also a major component present in laal Mirch/red chilies which boosts up metabolism and digestion. Vitamin K1, another important component in chilies, causes strength in bones and kidneys and helps cope with blood clotting.

Potassium is also present in these chilies and it saves us from heart diseases. With all these components combined, red chilies fight cancer, cholesterol imbalance, and various chronic diseases.

Red Chili Powder

Lyallpur Organics has conducted a detailed and thorough countrywide survey in which we have discovered that the red chilies powder contained numerous harmful additives posing various threats to human health.

In various cases, we have discovered that the crushed bricks are mixed into laal  Mirch Powder/red chili powder to increase the quantity and weightage for bulk sales. By doing so, the local distributors pose uncountable threats to human lives. Many of them have been banned and fined by the government too.

In this chaotic situation, Lyallpur Organics has committed to fight back this damaging situation that poked upon human health. We, at Lyallpur Organics, provide our customers the purest and the best organic red chili powder with no additives at all.

Our process and treatment with red chili grinding are quite scientific and are based on research discoveries. Therefore, we have won the trust of millions in quality provision and sustenance. Our red chili powders are certified by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research organization and therefore, we are the only trusted brand for red hot chilies and other spices.

Our chili peppers in powdered form are free from all the metallic and stone components and carry no additives. Moreover, our treatment with red chilies is tried and tested minutely enough that we leave no room for any nutritional hazard in our product.


Among several other processes, the packaging is one of the most critical stages which cannot ignore. Lyallpur Organics takes the utmost care while processing the packaging of our products because these products can sustain the best quality only if they are packed with proper care. In packaging, the science of air tightening is involved, which does not let any bacterial or viral impurity get in and flourish upon the product.

It enables the quality of the product to last long for our day-to-day kitchen uses. We also provide custom packaging in bulk quantities for commercial use. In the case of bulk purchases, our prices can vary depending on the size of bulk ordered. But one thing to remember is that we never compromise on the quality to supply the quantity.

It is for this reason that we have won the trust of millions both in Pakistan and abroad.