Fennel Seed


Fennel Seed is a perennial plant that grows best in the sandy soils of Pakistan, India, and southern Asia. It has been used as a spice and flavoring for hundreds of years. Fennel Seeds Oil, when added to food or wine, has many health benefits. Thus, the oil of these seeds increases the appetite by stimulating digestive juices. 

Fennel was used by the ancient Egyptians as a food and medicine and was considered a snake bite remedy in ancient China. These seeds are aromatic and sweet, with a flavor similar to anise.

Fennel Seed Price in Pakistan

A fennel plant is only about two feet tall. It is easy to grow in an area that receives 6 inches of rain per year. Fennel Seeds Prices in Pakistan: The fennel plant ranges from forty dollars per pound for top quality seeds to ten dollars per pound for lower grade seeds. The fennel plant prefers fertile, well-drained soil and grows best in rich soil with lots of nutrients. To get the full benefits of Fennel Seeds, remember to harvest and store your fronds at the end of every season.


  • This flavorful perennial can add flavor to soups, stews, salads, hot cereals, beans, potato dishes, and vegetable dishes. Fennel Seeds along with other types of seeds make up most of the ingredients in cooking. 
  • Fennel Seed creates an intense and delicious taste in foods when combined with other spices. If you are looking for a great way to add fennel seed’s original flavor to your next meal, try making Fennel Seed Bread. 
  • Fennel Seed Bread is made by blending seeds with water, milk, flour, yeast, and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Fennel and its seeds offer many health benefits and may provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects.

Nutritional values

  • Potassium 8%
  • Magnesium 7%
  • Iron 4%
  • Calories 27 
  • Calcium 3%
  • Vitamin C 12 %


Lyallpur Organics has conducted a detailed and thorough countrywide survey. Fennel seeds that are sold in the market can pose a serious threat to human health. In most cases, the expired fennel seeds are sold, and artificial additives increase the quantity and weightage for bulk sale

By doing so, the local distributors pose uncountable threats to human lives. Many distributors are banned and fined by the government. Lyallpur Organics is committing to fight back this damaging situation that poked upon human health in this chaotic situation. We provide our customers the purest and the best organic, fresh fennel seeds with no additives at all. 

Lyallpur Organics fennel seeds processing and treatment are pretty scientific and are based on research discoveries. Therefore, we have won the trust of millions in quality provision and sustenance. Our fennel seeds are certified by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research organization. Therefore, we are the only trusted brand for supplying the best fennel seeds and other organic spices.

Our fennel seeds carry no additives. Moreover, our treatment with fennel seeds is tried and tested minutely enough to leave no room for any nutritional hazard in our product.


Among several other processes of treating fennel seeds, the packaging is crucial to minutely monitor the process so that no extra additives can get mixed.

 It is monitored because we care for humanity, and we do not want our fellow humans to suffer from impurities. Moreover, packaging is one of the most critical stages, which we cannot ignore. If we ignore the packaging, the quality will compromise, and the sustenance can cause a threat to our health.

Lyallpur Organics takes the utmost care while processing the packaging of our products because these products can sustain the best quality only if they are packed with proper care. In packaging, the science of air tightening is involved, which does not let any bacterial or viral impurity get in and flourish upon the product.

It enables the quality of the product to last long for our day-to-day kitchen uses. We also provide custom packaging in bulk quantities for commercial use. In bulk purchases, our prices can vary depending on the size of the majority ordered.

 But one thing to remember is that we never compromise on the quality to supply the quantity. It is for this reason that we have won the trust of millions both in Pakistan and abroad.