Export Organic Spices


Lyallpur Organics has established such a wonderful reputation in a very calculated period that our turmeric (Haldi) and spice powders are valued and trusted in the international market as much as locally here.

It is because we are too concerned about the quality of production. Not only our turmeric (Haldi) and spice powders are famous abroad, but we are exporting our raw honey as well. Along with raw spices, raw turmeric, our raw honey has also won the international market’s trust for Pakistan.

It is a moment of pride for us to facilitate our local and overseas clients with the utmost quality of what they demand.


With all such wonderful reputations, Lyallpur Organics is focused on exporting raw and processed turmeric (Haldi) with very fine quality. Our raw turmeric roots are chosen ones.

We don’t just go to the fields and harvest our turmeric to sell out. We want to see the human health chart growing. Our experts, too carefully and minutely look into the details of extras which can cause any health hazard, later on, remove such particles from the raw turmeric roots.

With all the global standards in mind, we then wash and dry it carefully for further processing. After the drying process spanning over a couple of weeks or months, we grind our turmeric roots according to the standards internationally set.

And after all this, the turmeric powder needs further purification from the stone and metal components. With our machines imported for this purpose, we just remove each and every single poisonous element from our turmeric powder.


It is this entire process that our products are approved by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for local quality assurance and also approved by the International Standardization Organization and World Food Safety Organization.

Therefore, the demand for our products such as turmeric (Haldi) powders, raw turmeric, spice powders, raw spices, and raw and organic honey is always increasing. The demand is caused by the two factors checking and authenticating process i.e. we make sure that our products are organic and chemical-free, and that we process them to sustain human health and nutrition in mind.

Therefore, this demand has enabled us to supply these international standard products abroad which eventually causes a lot of benefits to Pakistan’s economy. Lyallpur Organics further envisions Pakistan’s food being respected and demanded abroad because our soil here is wonderfully fertile and contains magical specialties for the food growth system.

Meat Export

With the increase in demand for meat among the people of Pakistan and the continuing growth in the production capacity of many meat producing farm hands, the meat export business in Pakistan is sure to get more profitable. Meat is one of the most expensive foods in the world, especially meat which is locally produced in Pakistan. The government has been supporting and improving upon the production capacity of rural folks by equipping them with modern high-tech machinery that facilitates better processing and lowering the cost of meat production.

Livestock production in Pakistan, according to the latest economic survey of Pakistan for the current fiscal year 2021, contributes around sixty percent to the country’s agricultural output, 11.7 percent to total GDP, and 3.1 percent to Pakistan s domestic consumption. Still, despite the huge investment made in improving the quality of local production, the government is unable to meet the increasing domestic demand due to the lack of requisite infrastructure facilities. Still, even though Pakistan is Clearly a large meat exporter, it just ranks 18th out of twenty-eight countries in world meat exporters, and just serves 3.1 percent of total meat imports. This may seem astonishing for a country that has been exporting beef for years now, but still the situation seems to be turning around.

Recent times have witnessed an increase in the demand for all types of meat from sheep, goat, cattle, and chicken to fish, ostrich, duck,  etc. At the same time, both domestic and international buyers have expressed a heightened interest in purchasing Pakistan’s halal products, which are considered to be meat fit for human consumption. Now, this is surely a great opportunity for Pakistan to capitalize on its meat export business, as well as gain new customers while developing relations with other international trade partners that might provide it with lucrative business opportunities in the future. Given the current scenario of political stability in Pakistan, international trade remains a sure-shot success story for the Pakistan government and the country’s meat exporters.