Ingredient Name :

Curcuma longa Linn.

Arabic Name : Kurkum, Uqda Safraa

Bengali Name : Halud, Haldi, Pitras

Chinese Name : Jiang huang, Wong geung, Yu chin, Yu jin

English Name : Turmeric, Curcumin, Indian Saffron

French Name : Curcuma, Safran des Indes, Terre-mérite, Souchet des Indes

German Name : Kurkuma, Gelbwurz

Gujarati Name : Haldi, Haldhar

Hindi Name : Haldi, Halda, Hardi

Kannada Name : Arsin, Arisin

Kashmiri Name : Ledar, Ladhir, Lidar

Latin name : Curcuma longa Linn.

Marathi Name : Halad, Halada, Halede

Persian Name : Darzadi, Zard Chob

Punjabi Name : Haldi, Haldar, Halaj

Sanskrit Name : Haridra, Nisa, Gauri, Rajani

Urdu Name : Haldi


Turmeric is one of the most popular spices in Asian cuisine. Lyallpur Organics is the only leading manufacturer and Supplier of high-quality natural turmeric powder in Pakistan. Lyallpur Organics is the only one in Pakistan that has the Korean Turmeric Processing and Quality Assurance unit. They’re one of the largest turmeric Manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan. We have all the proper certifications required for turmeric powder suppliers in Pakistan. We use the latest machinery to produce our products. 

For more details about our production process, please visit our production process. Our turmeric powder contains no metallic elements because we use an innovative and modern production process. Our packaging process is designed to be safe and effective. Therefore, there is no risk of mixing any particles with our products. You can buy Turmeric Powder from Lyallpur Organics.

We offer our products in different weights and sizes to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money into research and development, processing plants, and international certifications. We have achieved our target to be the best Haldi Powder producer in the region for Supplying internationally and locally. We offer the most competitive prices for turmeric powder in Pakistan. Turmeric Powder or Haldi Powder Price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 160 to Rs. 655 at Lyallpur Organics depend on the quantity.

Why is Lyallpur Organics an authentic food brand?

The Lyallpur Organics is the most trusted brand of Pakistani for purchasing Turmeric powder. The Lyallpur Organics provide the finest quality of spices, particularly metal-free Turmeric, meat products, and other commodities. 

The utmost concern is to yield metal-free Turmeric powder by monitoring all procedures from cultivation to stone free and metal-free. The dedication of Lyallpur Organics is towards the carefulness of your health sustainability, digestive strength, beautification, and immunity. This brand is responsible for producing the purest metal-free Turmeric powder

To this end, high-tech machines are imported that are being used to make the turmeric powder metal-free and stone-free making it special Lyallpur Turmeric powder. Consequently, this extra care for producing pure and fine Turmeric powder makes Lyallpur Organics far better than other companies.

Manufacturing and Packing of Turmeric Powder

The nutritional values, which are compulsory for food and cosmetic necessities, the Lyallpur Organics has monitored consciously. Turmeric powder needs all the bioactive components alive in food. Hence, all the nutritional values of turmeric for food purposes are being considered. Natural Turmeric has bioactive substances to use turmeric; otherwise, Turmeric powder will expire. 

Therefore, Turmeric processing during the postharvest without any further additives, the Lyallpur Organics processes it scientifically. All the mandatory food nutrition stays alive and intact. The essential thing in our packaging of Turmeric powder is not to harm food nutritional components.

Likewise, curcumin is meant to be essentially available in turmeric powder to use in cosmetics. Lyallpur Organics accounts for every step to make Turmeric powder and stay alive in the final shape. The Lyallpur Organics Turmeric powder is trusted locally and abroad because of keeping nutritional values in it to use in food, cosmetics, and packaging accordingly.

The Lyallpur organics already established and sustained a clean and hygienic environment with proper packaging plants to pack products for long-term use. The packaging is air-tightened to decontamination or germs from the outside environment, which can harm the quality of the product. 

The purest and most organic Turmeric powder is prepared in such a high-tech and safe environment which gives us the confidence to win the trust of our consumer/customer in Pakistan and abroad. We are recognized as the most trusted brand for preparing and providing the purest organic Turmeric powder across the country. The scientific approach adopted by Lyallpur Organic can win trust in the international food and cosmetic markets.

Buying and Shipping of Lyallpur Turmeric powder

We have an efficient, safe, and fastest cargo delivery network nationwide for Lyallpur organic Turmeric powder placement. Turmeric powder can be bought online by visiting our website. The fresh organic and metal-free Turmeric powder is also provided in stores in major cities of Pakistan for purchasing. 

The Lyallpur Organics is also responsible for delivering orders safe and sound without any damage of processed organic products to our valued customers.


Product Type:Single Herbs & Spices
Drying Process:OD
Processing Type:Raw
Certification:ISO, Halal
Color:Light Yellow
Place of Origin:Pakistan
Weight (kg):70 grams to 110 grams
Shelf Life:2 Years
Brand Name:Lyallpur Organics
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Brand Name
Lyallpur Organics
Product Name
Turmeric Powder
PKR 120
Product Availability
Available in Stock
Weight 375.21 kg

110 gram, 285 gram, 450 gram, 70 gram


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